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Goodies for Goodness' Sake

Satisfy your cravings with homemade baked goods from our bakery in Rochester, NH


Grab Breakfast at Our Local Bakery

We're more than just a local bakery. We've made it our mission to provide on-the-job work experience for those with special needs. We partner with the special needs community to create opportunities for these individuals to learn valuable skills that can be applied to future careers.

Our enthusiastic staff has a hand in creating all the goods you can buy at our bake shop. Visit us today to take part in our vision of baking goodies for goodness' sake.


Meet our bakers and

learn what makes

our shop unique


Grab one or a dozen.

Our baked goods make

for a tasty breakfast


We make sandwiches

using our homemade

biscuits and breads


We won't tell anyone if

you eat these desserts

before dinner


Goodies for Goodness' Sake

A Means to a Better End

Our bakery provides training opportunities for our special needs community


A lot of hard work goes into our delicious baked goods

A bakery shop is only as good as its offerings. Everything we make is touched by our hands. Our bakery is full of completely homemade from scratch items. Even our puff pastry is handmade.

 Taste the difference when you try our...

Homemade bagels and bread
Fresh biscuits, croissants, donuts and pastries
Professionally decorated cakes and pies
Savory breakfast and lunch sandwiches

All of our baked goods pair deliciously with a hot cup of coffee.

Pay us a visit this morning and start your day with a homemade pastry.

Make your next family gathering extra special by ordering a delicious cake from us. Our shop owner has decades of experience baking cakes, and we'll see to it that your cake is the star of the show. Order a beautifully decorated cake for your...

  • Holiday dinner

  • Class reunion

  • Girls' night in

  • Birthday party

  • Promotion celebration

Are you more of a pie person? No problem: You can place an order for cakes, pies, and many other of our homemade items. Give us a call and please allow 48-hours notice before placing your order. 


Order goodies for any occasion

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